M&M Paranormal Investigations

Welcome To M&M Paranormal Investigations

M&M Paranormal Investigation is a research group that investigates supposed hauntings. We are not here to say that your home, office, or any other place is haunted. We try to find other possibilities such as broken pipe bands this would cause a knocking or banging sound on your floor. We check to see if your house is slanting this would cause the house to shift and create loose floor boards, cracked walls, and other possibilities.


There is no such thing as a professional ghost hunter. The paranormal field is a learning experience. Please be aware of fake paranormal groups that call themselves paranormal investigators or ghost hunters that charge you, no paranormal group should charge you for their service this is a free service to you. M&M Paranormal Investigations will not ask you for any money for our services.

Areas that we cover are Marinette County WI, Menominee County MI, Delta County MI, and Dickenson County MI.